Dr. Ginseng Tea

Sip Ginseng, Sip Happiness

Who Should Try Ginseng?


Recommend ginseng tea especially to people who are…

  • feeling that their feet and hands are always cold.
  • stressed out or anxious often.
  • low on energy or feeling fatigued.
  • in need of a better love life.
  • type-2 diabetics*.
  • concerned with their weight.
  • wanting to improve their skin health.
  • suffering from menopause symptoms.
  • having memory issues.
  • tea-lovers who want to cut out caffeine.
  • housewives, truck-drivers, nurses, teachers, secretaries, pilots, veterans, baby boomers, etc.

Try ginseng tea now so you can see for yourself.  May your life be blessed with abundant health and inner peace.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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