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Natural News: Ginseng Can Help with Diabetes and Weight Control


Ginseng has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Korean medicine, and according to a Natural News article, scientists are now confirming that it can be used for many of its traditional uses–and a few new ones like diabetes and weight loss.

For the in vivo experiments, female mice were fed a fattening diet with or without saponins for 8 weeks. The researchers found that the crude saponins inhibited pancreatic lipase activity. Furthermore, crude saponins inhibited the elevations of plasma triacylglycerol in rats administered the oral lipid emulsion tolerance test. With long-term administration of crude saponins, fat tissue weight was decreased in those fed the fattening diet as compared to the controls.

While ginseng has always been used to manage blood-sugar levels, new research is showing that ginseng can also fight against obesity due to how ginsenosides interact with fat. They even found that ginseng can help with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and insulin resistance. Both Korean ginseng and American ginseng aid with diabetes.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology reports a study acknowledging ginseng’s long history as an herbal remedy for diabetes. Researchers investigated the effect and mechanism of Korean red ginseng on stimulation of insulin release in rats. They found that the extract of Korean red ginseng significantly evoked a stimulation of insulin release compared to the controls. Experiments at different glucose concentrations showed that ginseng significantly stimulated on its own, in a glucose-independent manner.

Ginseng is a non-toxic, non-habit-forming substance known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens allow the body to cope better with all types of stress and to fight off disease.

Ginseng can even help the metabolism stabilize, as well as strengthen and protect tired individuals from strain. It can even help with the formation of red blood cells and strengthen the gastrointestinal system, among many other benefits.

Natural News also said:”Ginseng is one of the few herbs showing promise in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.”

Ginseng can be used fresh or dried (white ginseng), and red ginseng has been steamed and dried several times.

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