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What is Ginsenoside?

The botanical name of ginseng, Panax, means “cure-all” in Greek. You may be wondering, “How can ginseng give so many health benefits?” It’s not a rumor–it’s  science, and researchers have proven that the health benefits come from the ginsenosides that are critical to determining ginseng’s pharmaceutical value.

Ginsenosides were originally called saponin, which is found in many plants, but ginseng’s saponin has a different pharmaceutical value. So scientists named it ginsenoside, which is a compound word of “ginseng” and “glycoside.” There are many different kind of ginsenosides, such as Rg1, Rg3, Rb1, etc.

Here is each health benefit of major ginsenosides:

  • Rg1: Supports cognition, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, immune system, inhibits platelet aggregation.
  • Rg3: Supporting memory functions, immune system, liver protection.
  • Rb1: Central nerve control, liver protection, anti-oxidant.
  • Rc: Sedative, protein and lipid synthesis facilitation.
  • Re: Blood regulation, antioxidant.
  • Rf: Neuron protection.
  • Ro: Alcohol detoxification, immune system, anti-inflammation.
  • Rh1: Liver protection, immune system.
  • Rh2: Supports immune system.

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