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Every study I found conclusively indicates that Panax Ginseng (Korean ginseng) improves libido and erection strength,” MICHAEL VESPESIAN said on Testosteroned.com.

According to Testosteroned.com, a ginseng study showed that men–both with and without impotence–had significant increases in testosterone levels as well as semen speed and amount.

In fact, ginseng can even help with erections and sex drive, according to multiple studies. It has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient Chinese medicine began to use it thousands of years ago.

Ginseng can help you fight stress and fatigue, while improving stamina and strength. Even those with erectile dysfunction noted that it’s efficient in treating them.

There are many types of ginseng, such as Korean ginseng and American ginseng,  and each one has its own effects. Some of them are used to treat diabetes, for example.  Korean ginseng (panax ginseng) can help with building stamina and boosting your energy level–so much so that athletes often use it to increase their physical endurance, concentration, and thinking ability.

Furthermore, ginseng can help with weight loss by increasing metabolism and preventing cells from fully absorbing fat.

Ginseng can also help with fighting stress, preventing hair loss, hydrating the skin, and even inhibiting tumor growth.

Here’s the short version:

Korean ginseng (panax ginseng) MIGHT boost testosterone. Most studies seem to indicate that it does.

It will give you hard-ons and increase libido.

It might help fight cancer.


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