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Ginseng Boosts Your Heart Health

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According to NCBI, “Ginseng is widely used for its promising healing and restorative properties as well as for its possible tonic effect in traditional medicine. Nowadays, many studies focus on purified individual ginsenside, an important constituent in ginseng, and study its specific mechanism of action instead of whole-plant extracts on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).”

The ginseng research article “A review on the medicinal potentials of ginseng and ginsenosides on cardiovascular diseases” reveals many ginseng health benefits.

The effects of ginseng are:

  • Improving circulation and antioxidant activity
  • Modulating vascular function
  • Improving cardiac functions
  • Inhibiting platelet aggregation
  • Adjusting lipid profile
  • Regulating Ca2+ channels

Here is the full article: NCBI

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